Saturday, October 16, 2010

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September = Fast Attack

So, since I had previously been working on Necron warriors, I kept all the scarabs handy for this month.

These are among the most basic plastic models GW has, being exactly 1 body piece, and 1 stand piece. You can combine several on a base to make a swarm. Most people do 3 per base, as that's standard wound allocation, but I prefer 4 or 5 to a base as it makes them look more beefy.

Here is a shot of the bases during construction:

Unfortunately, I forgot to get photos after I finished basing and priming, and remembered while halfway through painting the metal portions.

And the finished models.

Another month down!

Again, these are painted to a very basic standard with the intention of going back and adding further detail, colours, etc. But my main goal right now is to get this army done to a consistent and playable standard at the very least...then come back later and touch them up, and add some special detail here and there.


  1. Humm... seems like blogger decided to swallow my comment. Here we go again.

    Simple and effective. And a good opportunity to point out how much I like your way of doing those ash bases. Almost identical to what I did on my PH World Eaters, with the exception of some patches of faded grass between the ash and rubble. Keep up the great work, and keep us updated, please.

  2. Looking at those bases, I'm actually pleased that there are different tones between the base, and the metallic, though the metals are probably going to be brightened up and given a more blueish tinge as I start to detail the whole army.