Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Freebootaz 2014 Toys For Tots Charity Auction Results

Well, another Freebootaz Charity Auction for the Toys for Tots is wrapped up and the results are really great!

The total raised in auction are approaching about $1750 for the combined auctions, all proceeds of which will be sent to Toys for Tots.

I'd like to thank all of you for viewing, supporting, and spreading the word on these auctions, or bidding if you have bid.

I'd also like to thank the Freebootaz forum for once again putting together some great projects for a worthy cause. It's become quite a tradition, and starts early in the year, with planning, assigning project leaders, building teams, selecting project themes, collecting materials, building, painting, and all the other hard work that goes into completing these projects.

The Freebootaz are once again starting a new Toys For Tots Charity Auction project for 2015, and there promises to be some great new armies for auction at the end of 2015. One of the things we are hoping to do this year is to have a front page where you can see work in progress, and follow along with regular news of the projects.

If you want to further support this endeavour, you can join the Freebootaz Forum at the link below. There's an annual fee, but the benefits can be worth it. If you can't join, but want to contribute, you can still do so. Just contact one of the moderators at the Forum and let them know you want to help. Alternately, you can also make donations directly to Toys for Tots, also linked below.

Auction Links:
Da Ork Dynasty Toys for Tots Auction
Tau Empire Toys for Tots Auction
Dreamforge Leviathan Toys for Tots Auction
Ork Stompa (With Sound System) Toys for Tots Auction
Crimson Fists Toys for Tots Auction

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Freebootaz 2014 Toys for Tots Charity Auction - Crimson Fists

The final Freebootaz Charity Auction for 2014 has been listed! This time for a Crimson Fists army for Warhammer 40,000.

All proceeds will go to the Toys for Tots!

This army was constructed and painted from donated materials as a joint effort by some stalwart volunteers from the 40K Radio Freebootaz Forum, including myself. I've taken photos of the army on my display board (NOT INCLUDED IN THE AUCTION)

This army can be taken as a 1500 point unbound army, with select wargear. It will make a great starter army for somebody looking to get into Space Marines, or Crimson Fists. Or will make an excellent add on detachment for any existing Space Marine Army or other army as allies...

Army Build is as follows:  Unbound!


  • Captain ( or Chapter Master) 
  • Anniversary Edition  Standard Bearer


  • Venerable Dreadnought with  Assault Cannon and Close combat arm. With  Drop Pod,  
  • Dreadnought with  Missile Launcher and Las Cannon  
  • 10 Man Sternguard Squad with all weapon options available
  • 5 Man Terminator Squad (6 models) with the option of an Assault Cannon or Cyclone Missile Launcher


  • 10 Man Tactical Squad with a Power Fist, Grav-Gun and Missile launcher with Rhino
  • 10 Man Tactical Squad with Flamer and Missile Launcher.   

This auction also includes a set of special custom laser cut and engraved templates in blue acrylic, as well as the remainder of the Forge World Brass Etch which wasn't used, so that the winner can continue adding models to this army.

See the whole army in the following picture spread, and please go check out the auction. Bid with your heart, and please spread the word on this auction to help get as many people bidding as possible.

Captain and Standard Bearer take centre stage!

Two tactical squads and a Rhino give this army a solid anchor for holding objectives.

Terminators with deep strike will be able to home in on the drop pod, or any Sergeants carrying teleport homers. There are 6 models, so that you can choose to use the squad with either missile launcher, or assault cannon.

Two dreadnoughts will give some solid mobile firepower, and with a drop pod, will have some great flexibility in terms of deployment.

While modelled for use as a Dreadnought Drop Pod, this could also be used for dropping in the Sternguard or Tactical Squad to keep your tactical options open!

Following are pictures of the whole army without display board, and unit specific photos to show them in better detail.

This tactical squad with Rhino has matching gun and trim colours.

The Rhino has Forgeworld resin and brass etch detail.

The dozer blade is magnetized so you can use the Rhino either way, and the hatches are not glued on, so you can position them either side.

The drop pod has two weapon options magnetized. It's also got opening doors.

The dreadnoughts have had a flourish of Crimson Fists detail added to them, and the weapons have been magnetized, so you can mix and match the choices.

The captain has some brass etch detailing added.

25th Anniversary Edition Standard Bearer.

Tactical squad on foot, with flamer and missile launcher.


Sternguard Squad, with magnetized weapon for maximum flexibility, can also be used as Command Squad or Honour Guard, especially if used with the BSB, making it a proper Battle Forged CAD army.

These are all the weapon options included with the Sternguard. They all fit at least one model, though not all guns will fit all models, due to the poses and weapon stocks.

And the final touch, the custom templates. The acrylic is a crystal clear blue. The paper has been left on the acrylic to protect them from scratches.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this picture spread. Please go bid, and share this auction to get as many people bidding as possible!

Auction Links:
Da Ork Dynasty Toys for Tots Auction
Tau Empire Toys for Tots Auction
Dreamforge Leviathan Toys for Tots Auction
Ork Stompa (With Sound System) Toys for Tots Auction
Crimson Fists Toys for Tots Auction

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