Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting Basic Part 2 - Painting a Flying Stand

In Getting Basic Part 1, we discussed the construction and detailing of a flying stand suitable for a fairly large Forge World model, the Tau Tigershark. This flying stand can be used for any number of the Forge World flying models, though I would suggest if you use these techniques for a Thunderhawk to consider slightly larger raw materials to handle the weight.

In part 2, we will have a look at how this flying stand was painted, describing the colours and basic techniques used, and including lots of photos of the finished product. All of these images are clickable to view in close up so you can see some of the details more clearly. Unless otherwise stated, we are using the name equivalents of the recently replaced Games Workshop paint line if you wish to duplicate this scheme. With the recent Games Workshop paint range name changes, I recommend getting a copy of their colour equivalency chart. The new colours are not perfect matches for the old colours, but close enough that you can get similar results.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting Basic Part 1 - Building a Flying Stand

Some of you may wonder what I've been up to, as I haven't been updating my painting progress hereabouts for a while. Well, it doesn't mean I haven't been painting. Just haven't had much time to write about it.

So I decided I'd treat you with one of the projects I have been working on this past month.

This is a flying stand that I made for a friend for his Forge World Tau Tigershark. He had a fairly simple requirement that it just "look better than the chunky block of wood and steel pin" he was already using, and he wanted it in time for Adepticon 2012. So I decided to treat him with something a little nicer.