Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finecast Spotted....

Today, Games Workshop has revealed a little more of the Finecast resin line of models.

So far, it looks interesting.

Of special interest is that the models themselves are on sprues, which verifies the fact that the moulds have been completely redone from the original masters.

The other thing to note is the clam packs, which are also pictured. They are heat sealed shut, to ensure no parts go missing during shipping. I've never been a big fan of clear clam packs being heat sealed around their entire perimeter, as it makes reuse harder, and I thought they might simply staple them shut, as suggested in my previous editorial. But I can understand the decision to go that route, to ensure nothing falls out of the pack. All too often I've had blister packs where the seal did not take and parts have gone missing.

Go to the Games Workshop website to see some samples of the lovely models so far, and to see the pictures of the sprues and clam packs.

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