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Throwback Thursday - The Redemption Returns

Thursday is a salute to all things throwback. In this ongoing series, I will feature articles showcasing older hobby/game stuff for your enjoyment! This will focus on models in my collection, or old games, or even new projects with older models. This week the Necromunda Redemptionists return with a lick of paint!

In our previous Throwback Thursday - The Redemption we had a look at my new Redemption gang for the Necromunda campaign some friends and I are playing.

So far we've had a bevvy of fun games, with the previous session results at the end of the day being one of my gangers (a Deacon) was captured. The gang itself has made quite a name for itself, cleansing the heretic and impure with redeeming flames, and have had a few lucky rolls on the equipment and search tables.

On top of that, there has also been some painting going on. Now my group prefers to play with painted miniatures, but we always allow people to play with unfinished miniatures that are works in progress, which is the case with these.

I've been quite busy over the last little while, with little real time to paint, so unfortunately I get it in where I can, in fits and spurts. One such evening resulted in me getting the models primed, base coated, and the first general blending of colours, as can be seen here.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of WIP shots because time was short and I just wanted to get some painting done. 

First I fully primed the whole gang using Vallejo Surface Primer Black with my airbrush. Once that was dry, I went back and did some preshading, by applying Vallejo Surface Primer Grey over the models. I used the zenithal highlighting technique, which left a nice gradation of light to dark in the shadow areas with a nice bright light grey in the highlight areas.

After that was fully dry (which doesn't take long when airbrushing) I started adding colours. I began by laying down a thin coat of Minitaire Red on the whole of the models. By keeping it thin, the shadows were retained, and the miniatures kept a natural looking highlight. 

I then followed this up with Miniataire Yellow, which I sprayed in a downward line, keeping the colour mostly on the bottoms of the robes. I wasn't worried about overspray as that will be corrected by hand later. I also used the yellow to add a touch of colour in the highlights. Again this was done by spraying downward on the highest points where the light would fall, in the zenithal fashion. 

Finally, to blend the colours, I went over the reds with the Minitaire Ghost Tint Red. This softened the sharper yellow highlights and colour shifted them into the orange and red. I also used it to soften the edge of the harder yellow and red transition on the lower robes, to give it a more fiery glow.

When painting the miniatures, to make handling them easier, they are taped onto the tops of screw on caps for medicine bottles. This gives me something to hold on to so I don't mar the wet paint. It also gives the model a more stable surface so they don't fall over if I jostle the table.

Here you can see a bit of the blend between the red and the yellow, and some of the natural shading. By using a tint, as described earlier, you can make darker/black areas take on a complimentary hue to the base and highlight colours without looking like it's just black underneath.

Stay tuned! There's more to come next time!

Throwback Thursday - The Redemption

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