Sunday, March 21, 2010

Terminator Assault - Green Stuff

Well, I've gotten some progress done, so here's my update.

The models have been converted and detailed, and are now ready for paint.

I've done a bit of greenstuff work to detail the chapter badges on the shoulder pads.

I've also based them taller so that they appear bigger. They actually now stand taller than a contemporary plastic terminator, and as a result, the eye is fooled to think they are about the same size, because they look slightly bigger than they are. So mixing them with plastic terminators will be less of an issue.

Bulking out the shoulder pads with bits also helps contribute to the size illusion.

Now I just have to wait for the green stuff to dry and then get painting.

And yes, I'm painting right over top of the red paint. There is no reason to strip these models as the layers of paint already on them isn't affecting the detail. And considering the base coat on the blue marines was done with ultramarine blue spray, there will be good bite for building up, and the red was primed with Blood Angels red spray, and the foundation blue base coat I use will coat the red exactly the same as the blue.

Anyway, enjoy until next time!


  1. I bow to your superior skills with GreenStuff!

  2. Thanks Hex. Not much to them, really, just modifying some existing fist glyphs and filling in some gaps.

    Got to play with them today and they performed fairly well for me.