Thursday, June 30, 2011

Charity Auction: Homes for Wounded Soldiers

Well folks, no matter what you say about 40K Radio, or Battle Foam, and believe me a lot of people say a lot of negative things about them, it's hard to deny that their heart is in the right place. After all, when they sponsor charity auctions, and do other charitable work, they really are putting their hearts out there for those in need.

Personally, I'm a fan of both, and after my trip to the UK and having met and hung out with Romeo (owner of Battlefoam and 40K Radio) and the Freebootaz who also attended the trip for nearly 10 days, know that he's a great guy when it comes down to supporting the hobby community, and the global community.

Their latest effort to spread hope and help to the community comes with this new charity auction!

Proceeds will go towards quarterback hunting, mullet loving, NFL pro, Jared Allen's charity, Homes for Wounded Warriors.

So please, if this is something that has a place in your heart, or you just want to help give hope to the families of soldiers wounded while fighting for their country and their families, please check out the auction and bid. And if you don't win the bid, or it's out of your economic ability to bid, but still would like to contribute, go directly to Jared Allen's website and contribute there.

Thanks and kudos! to Romeo, 40K Radio, Freeboota Darksheer, and all the multitude of service men and women from around the world who helped put this together! This is something special, and I hope it does very well.

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