Thursday, June 02, 2011

Digital 40K: And Now For Something Fun

Remember in the late 80s early 90s when game consoles were 8 and 16 bit machines, the advent of the game Contra, and just how fun a scrolling shooter could be with some upbeat digital music with a fast tempo that kept your eyes and fingers twitching at dizzying and ever increasing speeds? Well, it looks like the guys at THQ took inspiration from games like that and have come out with KILL TEAM!

KILL TEAM looks like it's designed for several systems and should be available in July on the XBox 360 Arcade for about 800 Xbox Live points.

Check out the trailer for some reminiscing with a 40K flavour, and for those of you young'uns who have idea what Contra was, imagine this frantic pace, but on a flat 2d scroller.

Watch to the end if you have any interest in the new "Space Marine" game from THQ as purchase of this game will score you an extra for the Space Marines game.

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