Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project Orks: Part 1 - Mustering da Waaaagh!

As some of you guys and gals probably know, I've been trying to do Orks for some Motivational Challenges on various forums (The Freebootaz, and The Custodes), but have just been feeling blah about the whole thing. As a result, I spent the last two months not thinking about these challenges at all, and just doing things that I felt like doing, hobby wise. And I found that not painting my own personal hobby related items to a preconceived guideline that I have little control over a lot more enjoyable.

Yes, there were commissions among those projects that I had to get done, but having my own personal projects unfettered made me feel a lot better about attempting to get back into the Orks that I was building for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000. This, combined with a challenge on The Independent Characters forum, where the build and paint plan is entirely up to me, and has some flexibility, really has got me ready to get back to them. Another factor that is inspiring me here is that my friends and I decided to play a 6 month campaign, culminating in an Apocalypse game in December, so we will be helping motivate each other as we play and check out each other's progress.

As for the other Motivational Challenges, well, I still intend to continue working on them again, but they will take second fiddle to this project, as I find time. They will also give me the opportunity to work on other projects that are in the sidelines and are different from Orks, to give me some variety and help me stay interested in painting Orks!

As of now, I have inventoried and listed all of my Ork models. I have also put them all into an army list, and it comes to about 7000 points worth, and that's without tooling them up very much. Sooo, I obviously have a lot of work ahead of me.

The Waaaagh!! so far!

Fortunately, this part of the project is only to complete 1850 points by February (in time for Adepticon, though my ability to attend remains in doubt). A secondary goal is to also paint a sideboard. I'm including the orks I have already painted over the year's Motivational Challenges as part of the sideboard, and who knows, maybe I'll get more orks done for the ongoing challenges as part of the sideboard as well. I've left February open with only a sideboard project planned. This is to allow for slippage if life gets in the way and I can't complete a project on time.

Here is my 1850 point list:
HQ – Weird Boy, Warp Head
HQ – Big Mek, Shokk Attack Gun
Elites – 10 Nobz w/ Stikkbombz, 3 Power Klaw, 7 Big Choppa, 1 Bosspole
Elites – 5 Burna Boyz
Troops – 30 Ork Boyz w/ Stikkbombz, Big Shoota, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
Troops – 11 Ork Boyz w/ Shootaz and Stikkbomz, 1 Big Shoota, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
Trukk w/ Grot Riggers, Stikkbomb Chukka , Boarding Plank, Reinforced Ram
Troop – 30 Gretchin, 3 Runtherd w/ Grotprods
Fast – 5 Stormboyz w/ Boss Zagstruk
Fast – 5 Deffkoptas w/ 5 Twin Linked Rokkit Launcha
Heavy – Deff Dread w/ Big Shoota, Skorcha, Armour plates
Heavy – Battlewagon w/ Killkannon, Deffrolla, Grot Riggers, Stikkbomb Chukka, Armour plates, Boarding Plank, Kannon, 4 Big Shootas
Here is my sideboard to date:
HQ – Warboss w/ Power Klaw, Twin Linked Shoota, Bosspole
Elites – 5 Nobz w/ Stikkbombz, 5 Big Choppa, 1 Bosspole
Troops – 20 Ork Boyz w/ Stikkbombz, 2 Big Shootas, Nob, Big Choppa, Bosspole
Fast – 3 Deffkoptas w/ 3 Twin Linked Rokkit Launcha
Superheavy – 2 Ork Stompas
So, with the army decided upon, The next step was to create a plan, which I will discuss in part 2 of this series.

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  1. Well Star I can see your ambition has not suffered any setbacks! I look forward to keeping updated on this project :)I think my favourite thing about Orks has to be that variety of the actual units. Since they are almost an entirely cobbled together from whatever they've recently defeated the sheer ingenuity comes through in the models themselves.

  2. Great to see you hitting the orks Nick.

    The one source of inspiration I've had that I don't see on your list is

    Looking at your 1850 list, it looks like it's picked for the cool models. There are a few units in there that you might have trouble trying to get to work well together overall and one or two that I'm interested in seeing how you get on with.

    The stormboys in particular I'm looking forward to hearing your views on when you get a few games. First impression is the unit will need bulking up to deal with taking some casulties

  3. Thanks, Jimmy.

    I'm doing orks next since I want something that will fight anybody, and I want a natural villain for my Crimson Fists army. Orks seem to fit the bill perfectly.

    I'm not much of a forum junky, and really limit where I go else I could be there all the time and I'm trying to focus on other things in life like getting a new job, etc.

    Yep. I did pick cool models that I already had in my inventory and that were already built, or at least deflashed and ready to be built. The list itself was never intended to be a competitive list, but should do well in friendly games and narrative play.

    The stormboys are actually more numerous, but I figured I will start with something smaller, and ready to go, and then build more as time permits. I agree that I do want more, especially if they are being lead by Zagstruk. His rule is nice, but can be quite costly in terms of bodies.

    Thanks for checking it out and the comments!