Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project Orks: Part 3 - 'Ere We Go!

First, let me start with an update. Unfortunately due to illness, I was unable to complete much of the planned Orks for August. As a result, I ended up not even attempting to do those planned orks, and will put them into the schedule for later, which is one of the reasons that I left some open slots at the end of the challenge, as I knew there may well be some slack that needs to be picked up as real life gets in the way of that.

As a result, I will modify the original schedule, in Part 2 - Da Kunnin' Plan! to reflect this adjustment.

In the meantime, now that my vision has returned to normal, a side effect of the illness and something that took longer to clear up than hoped, I will be giving a crack at getting September's scheduled models complete.

Well, there is only effectively a week left in September to paint, so I guess I better get cracking.

'Ere We Go!

September's plan is to paint a unit of 10 Ork Nobz and a Weirdboy.

Here is the starting picture.

Note, these are as they were received in a trade, with primer and first base coat on some of the Nobz. For consistency, I will be re-priming them.

I'm currently prepping my house to sell it, so this will truly be a challenge as I try to squeeze them in. I will be painting these in the evenings, or as time permits. Hopefully it will be something that can be done in my downtime over the week.

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