Saturday, September 24, 2011

Forgeworld New Release: Mk1c Deimos Pattern Rhino

Forgeworld are at it yet again. This week's Forgeworld Newsletter saw the announcement of some more excellent models that will be available for pre-order at Games Day UK 2011. Most noteably is the addition of the Rhino Mk1c Deimos Pattern Rhino.

Mk1c Deimos Pattern Rhino

This, along with the new Mk1 Land Raider that I blogged about last week brings the "old school" of 40K Space Marines one step closer to completion.

At this rate, Forgeworld looks like it's on track to actually do a Mk1 Predator, as I suggested they might do in that previous post.

So far, I'm really liking all the retro projects they are doing for Space Marines, and look forward to see what they do next.

Games Workshop

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