Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forgeworld News: Video History of the Rhino and Land Raider

Today, Forgeworld surprised the 40K community with an excellent new addition to their YouTube Channel, Forge World Visual Feed.

Land Raiders Being Painted in the Forgeworld Video
In this video they discuss the long and dedicated history of both the ubiquitous Rhino, and the Space Marines' heavy tank of choice, the Land Raider. They present a variety of models detailing the different marks of both vehicles, and revealing what Forgeworld has in store for the near future of their Land Raider Line.

Pay attention to the new MKII Land Raider that Tony has craftily snuck into the video before he starts focussing on the MK 1 Land Raiders. Yes. Land Raiders. Forgeworld have already designed variants for your modelling, painting, and gaming delight.

What does this video mean to fans of Games Workshop, Forgeworld, and their products? Well, obviously more modelling goodness. But the video itself is a brilliant concept because it's a step into the world of the Games Workshop archive and history of their product, and a glimpse into a history of the 40K background and lore. And I'm all for that.

Is this a sign of things to come? I hope so! I would love to see more of the Games Workshop product archive displayed in this manner. With a contextual connection between old and new, which is both visually appealling, as well as texturally appealling mentally, much like going back and looking at historical pieces in a museum can help you imagine what historical life of that era you are observing might have been like.

Tony Cottrell and his Land Raider Line up!
It's often been joked that GW is a lumbering great big luddite when it comes to the internet, and its use. But the last year has seen GW start to embrace the internet for their marketing purposes, in order to get us excited. As evidence, I point at their daily news blog on their website. They have also embraced social media with Facebook for all their stores, and a corporate Facebook page. Not to mention using twitter, and their burgeoning YouTube channels. The sleeping behemoth has woken up and seems to have jumped into the great big internet pond with a splash.

So, go check out this video. If it's something you'd like to see GW and Forgeworld do more of, let them know in their comments section.

EDIT: Forgeworld have also uploaded their website with the new Armoured Land Raider Proteus, seen being painted in the picture at top.

Games Workshop

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