Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kickstart Alert: Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat

Welcome to the first of our ongoing Kickstart Alert series where we focus our attention on Crowd Sourced gaming projects. 

There are many Crowd Funded projects out there. Many of which get a lot of attention, and many others which don’t get the attention they deserve. There are innovators, copy cats, massive successes, and massive fizzles that deserve to be successes. There are as many positive responses as there are negative, and as many different opinions on how Kickstarter and other such funding sites should/do work. But we are not here to discuss all that. Hopefully we will help you choose which start ups or powerhouses deserve your attention, and help those brave and brilliant up and comers get the just success they deserve.

Road/Kill: Ultimate Car Combat Game
Today we look at Road/Kill: Ultimate Car Combat.

This was originally a Kickstarter that was launched earlier this year, just before the summer. They were well on their way to achieving their early goals, but after a lot of positive support from the community, and some very good feedback, they ended their Kickstarter early so they could revamp the product, and bring it to a more fully fleshed game.

After a hectic summer of tweaks and community outreach by the owner, it is now back up on Kickstarter after being more thoroughly fleshed out, reviewed by industry experts and critics, revised, scrubbed and polished.
This company did not waste their efforts during that time, sending their game out for critical reviews and feedback, taking their game on the road to demonstrate it at GenCon2013, and received some excellent endorsements from industry experts, critics, and podcasts, as a result.

One of the things about the first Kickstarter is that even if you backed only $1, you got a pdf copy of the Alpha rules, and were able to provide play test feedback. I've played this game many times now, both with Miles, the game creator, and on my own with some of  my friends, and can say it is a simple, elegant, fast paced and fun game with furious action and unique game mechanics!

Command Boxes and movement template for unique game play!

The game is a miniatures based car combat game. Game flow is smooth, quick, and easy to learn the basic game, with loads of complexities added in terms of skills/effects that you purchase for your drivers/cars.

The prototype car models are gorgeous, on a similar scale to the Micro Machines brand of toy cars (what I've been using to play the game in fact).

Painted Prototype Models, featuring cars, vans, and a transport. Approximately Micro Machine scale.

Road/Kill is reminiscent of Car Wars and Dark Future, for those of us who remember those games fondly, but much simpler and extremely fun!

There are a variety of critical reviews and play videos at the website, and in their updates and comments sections, so check them out for more details of this game.

At the time of this being posted, the kickstarter is almost half over, but there is still plenty of time to go before funding ends. This is one of those sleepers that should get more attention, and deserves to be fully funded! And if you do pledge, let them know I sent you!

Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat Kickstarter

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