Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kickstart Alert: The Warboard

In this series we focus our attention on Crowd Sourced gaming projects. There are many such projects out there. Many of which get a lot of attention, and many others which don’t get the attention they deserve. There are innovators, copy cats, massive successes, and massive fizzles that deserve to be successes. Hopefully this series will help you choose which start ups and powerhouses deserve your attention, and help those brave and brilliant up and comers get the just success they deserve.
Warsmith Warboard - City
Warsmith Warboard City Sample      

For a while I've been watching the new projects popping up and it seems that most gaming/hobby projects out there lately have been lacking in originality. They seem to be retreads of other companies designs, or add ons to existing designs. As such, few have been super exciting to me - though there are enough that have made me back, or want to back. 

And this one, by Warsmith, is pretty awesome and unique!  It's both grounded in the philosophy of table top strategy/miniature gaming of requiring a great surface to play on, as well as that of board gaming. It's simple, yet elegant, and one of those "Aha! Why didn't I think of that?!" items. This product borrows from the tried and true concept of board games, throws in a touch of the Battletech idea for battlefields, and gives it a very new twist.

They are very nice, highly detailed, foldable heavy card stock (like thick boardgame boards) table toppers suitable for 28mm table top games.

Warboard folds open and closed for easy storage and transportation!

These add some amazingly detailed flat scenery to your wargame table. They are eminently portable, very durable (though not sure about liquids around them, even though they have a protective layer) and will look great under most of your similarly themed terrain.

The board is covered in highly detailed art, like this city street.

These corridors evoke a claustrophobic feel, without having walls in the way, and would make for great bug hunts!

So, if you haven't already stopped reading this to go check out their Kickstarter, and I wouldn't begrudge it if you have, then what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Warsmith's The Warboard Kickstarter

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Photos are the property of Warsmith and used without permission. 

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