Friday, October 31, 2014

Build an Army Display Tray - Part 3: Painting

Welcome back to the Build an Army Display Tray series. In Part 1 of this series I discussed the basic assembly of a solid display board. In Part 2 I showed you how I built up the scenic portion of the display board to give it a convincing and thematic effect. In this part, I discuss how I painted the board with some basic quick techniques to give a simple yet convincing look which will frame my army nicely.

And the painting has begun! All the paints used for painting, unless otherwise noted, were craft paints that you can buy at your local discount or art store.

I first primed the whole board using a generous coat of black craft paint. I forgot to take a picture of the black primer coat... But here's a picture with the starting base coat of brown. This was applied while the primer coat was still damp, to help mottle and blend it. I used a 2" stiff bristled paint brush, also from the discount store. The bristles are the cheap plastic kind, but work just fine for this sort of application.

Notice the stone on the fist emblem is tinted reddish... I used a scab red colour to tint the chapter symbol.

After the base coat of brown mixed with black was dry, I gave everything a dry brush with brown. Then lightened it up a bit with a tan colour mixed equally with brown. Then again with a pure tan. I kept the stone work darker and the earth lighter, to give it a nice contrast and not to have the stone work appear chalky.

Next I painted all the stone work a blue-grey colour, leaving the brown showing in the recesses to give it depth and shadow. This also gives the stone more weight and makes it feel more natural, as stone generally has many colours within it. Notice you can see the Crimson Fist logo tint is actually showing through, even though I did this early stage and dry brushed over with the blue-grey.

I added the same tan colour to the grey to lighten it, and gave all the stone another highlight. I hit spot areas on the craters and the rubble on the earth as well. At this point I reinforced the tint of the Crimson Fists badge using light washes. I also applied liberal amounts of black and brown wash to reinforce scorches and depth and shadow, and to tone down areas that I thought were coming up too bright. This is a display board, so I don't want it to be too bright, or it will detract from the army.

Finally, I gave everything a very light highlight by dry brushing egg-shell over everything. This unifies the hues of the board and anchors the stone into the earth by making it all have a similar dusty highlight.

I decided not to add static grass for now as I wanted to keep it a bit darker, and keep the display look less busy. My army does have tufts of static grass on it here and there, but it should look just fine as the rest of the colours are matching.

I finished off by painting the doors in a dark bronze from Vallejo paints, highlighted with brass, then gave it a wash of GW's new technical Oxide paint. I then gave it another hit of the bronze and brass, and finally stippled it and the wall behind it with black char effects, to look like it had been blown off from the inside out.

With everything dry, the last thing to do was clean up the wooden edge with black paint, then mount the frame, and call it finished!

I'm very happy with how it turned out and glad I decided to do this, instead of my usual artwork under glass that I'm known for. I think everybody was surprised to see me ditch that in favour of this custom display carrying tray! It was well worth the effort, and surprisingly only took a couple of evenings to complete.


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