Thursday, December 18, 2014

Freebootaz Toys For Tots Charity Auction - 2014 "Da Ork Dynasty"

The 40K Radio Freebootaz are at it again!

This year they've put together multiple auctions for the Toys for Tots charity.

The first auction is for a nice 40K Ork Army with a Good Old Boy/Duck Dynasty theme.

Included are several unique vehicles. The first is in the form of a monster truck.

There's a HMV style trukk

And finally the "Genrul Lee"

Let's not forget to mention some wacky conversions of Orks with beard squiqs!

And finally, the set is rounded off with a custom set of templates!

There are even more pictures of the army to peruse at the auction link, posted above and below.

This is the first of several armies being auctioned for this worthy charity.

If you like this army, please go bid with confidence, knowing the proceeds from the winning bid will go to help kids in need.

If Orks are not your flavour of 40K, watch this space for the other auctions, which will include a Tau army, a Crimson Fists army, and some super heavy titan goodness!

Auction Links:
Da Ork Dynasty Toys for Tots Auction
Tau Empire Toys for Tots Auction
Dreamforge Leviathan Toys for Tots Auction
Crimson Fists Toys for Tots Auction (Coming Soon)
Ork Stompa (With Sound System) Toys for Tots Auction (Coming Soon)

Toys for Tots
The Freebootaz
Games Workshop

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