Thursday, January 01, 2015

Freebootaz 2014 Toys for Tots Charity Auction - Da Big Red Stompa!

Ready for another Freebootaz Charity Auction?

This is the fourth auction, for a Games Workshop Ork Stompa as part of our continuing support of the Toys for Tots auction series for 2014.

This massive model was constructed in conjunction with Da Ork Dynasty, see link below. Lots of attention to detail was lavished on this model for the discerning Ork player.

Piloted by a Big Mekk with penchant for loud and fast, the head is festooned with massive speakers on the totem, as well as big "Krome Smoke Pipes"!

Naturally, it's got a red paint job to Go Fasta! And it is covered in rokkits for some long range firepower.

It's got a big old brass and silver belly plate buckle....

And a cooler to keep all sorts of orky beverages cool, most likely a Squig Brew or two.

Tunes are covered by a Grot, who spins discs even in the most explosive situations. In fact, that's the best time to play some loud raucous music.

It disassembles for packing convenience.

And of course, it's massive girth hides within it a sound system so you can play whatever jammy tunes you want while the Stompa smashes through buildings and stomps on the puny things before it.

Please support this worthy cause by visiting the auction and either bidding, or sharing this post to help get more people to visit and hopefully buy a cool toy in support for a worthy cause!

Auction Links:
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  1. It was a fun build. I was sad when I got outbid, but it made the tots some money! I'll have to make one to keep!