Monday, December 29, 2014

Freebootaz Toys for Tots Charity Auction - Dreamforge Leviathan

Ready for another Freebootaz Toys for Tots Charity Auction?

This third auction is for a Dreamforge Leviathan, which could be used as a Knight Titan for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000!

Useable as an ally for any Imperial Aligned force, it could also be used by other armies in the game using the Allies rules, and uneasy allies/come the apocalypse rules.

The Leviathan stands approximately 8.5" tall, and would make a fantastic centrepiece for most 40K collections, or sit proudly in your display cabinet.

With battle cannon and the alternative design massive power sword, it will ensure most opponents tread with care around this monster of a machine.

This model is equipped with the more modern looking reactor upgrade.

Two cannon options will give you versatility in the field, and can be equipped to be the most suitable counter for whatever type of army that faces off against this giant robot.

Here you can see the Leviathan posed with its alternative cannon.

The artist has also done a touch of freehand on the shield.

Check it out now for your chance to bid and support this worth while charity!

Also watch for two more auctions, coming soon!

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