Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists - The Versatile Leader

Yesterday we had a look at the first tactical squad for my Imperial Fists army using the Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth set.

These were built entirely from a single tactical marine sprue from the HH BaC set, with the exception that I needed to scrounge a single right arm and a shoulder pad from my bits box.

The reason I needed to do that was so that I could magnetize all the special and heavy weapon options. I've yet to do any combi-weapons, as it's really small and hard to magnetize each combi-option.

One strange thing about this kit is they actually provide a few extra left arms with cupped hand, but not an equivalent number of right arms to glue guns on. It's strange because you can't use the extra left cupped hand arms, and there are not enough right arms to make a full set of pairs. They are just random left arms without a purpose. I do have a use for them, however, and have tucked them into my bits box for a future endeavour.

I mentioned magnetizing these models already, and wanted to have a closer look at the versatility of a few of the magnetized miniatures. Today we'll have a look at the Sgt., who is equipped with a powerfist and a plasma pistol.

I glued on the power fist, because Imperial Fists, so at least one Sgt will always have a powerfist. But his pistol arm is magnetized, in case I later decide to give him a different pistol, combi-bolter, or other special weapon.

With a simple single magnet in the torso, the Sgt. can have a very diverse and flexible access to a variety of weapons, ranging from pistols, to combi-weapons, and even to special weapons, as shown here.

As of writing this, I've not done any additional arms to swap pistols, or give him other options, but I eventually plan to, when I scrounge up some more right arms in the MK IV style.

Next time, we will look at magnetizing the special and heavy weapon marines. You've already had a sneak peak with the Sgt. carrying some special weapons.

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