Thursday, March 03, 2016

Imperial Fists: Well, Isn't That Special!

Over the last couple of days we've been looking at my new Imperial Fists Tactical Squad, work in progress. I've already mentioned that the squad has been magnetized for optimal use of the special and heavy weapons, and to give me the best bang for my buck when it comes to army selection.

Yesterday we looked at the squad Sgt, and how with a single magnetized arm, it provides a lot of diversity in terms of swapping out wargear.

Today we look at the Special Weapon toting marine.

Again, only a single magnet was installed in the torso, for the gun arm. The left arm was glued in place in a suitably pleasing pose.

Yet with only his gun arm magnetized, he can still be equipped with a large variety of guns.

Plus, even though his right arm is glued on, he can still do double duty with a heavy bolter.

Having this kind of flexibility allows for a much more diverse selection of army lists, where you can easily swap arms to create smaller five man squads with a special or heavy weapon, but not have to invest in additional miniatures or significantly more paint time, as all you have to paint are the contents of a single kit.

Next time, we'll have a look at the Heavy Weapon marine.

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