Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Kickstart Alert: Reaper Miniatures Bones II

Welcome to Kickstart Alert, our ongoing series showcasing crowd funded hobby and gaming projects that are of interest and you may have missed. Today we showcase Reaper Miniatures Bones II Kickstarter Project.

If you are already a backer of the very successful Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter, then you should already be aware about their new Bones II Kickstarter that went live today.

This Kickstarter seems poised to achieve similar heights as the original, if not topple it. At the time of this writing they have already fully funded the project, with 7797 backers, and $852264. And it's not even been twelve hours yet.

So far this looks like a more stream lined and efficient project, based on Reaper's previous experience, and huge amount of feedback from their 17K + backers from the first kickstart. With a simpler pledge level system, Reaper has done away with all the option levels in favour of two basic options.

The lowest pledge level is $1. This allows you to back the project, then buy any of the extras that you'd like. This is a great option for those of us who only want to buy the larger creatures not available in the basic set, or who are more interested in getting a small number of models to paint, and don't require a dungeon fully stocked with miniature baddies.

Alternately, you can pledge $100 for the full core set and then get the add ons as well. Interestingly, Reaper has changed it up by having multiple tiers for this level. The benefits of pledging early are that your package will ship earlier, in that they plan to ship in waves. Pledge early, and you get your stuff earlier than late comers to the party, or those who want to hold off on their basic pledge until the last minue. It's really that simple and hopefully drives steady growth.

You will notice that gone are all the fancy other pledge levels, including the special custom levels, and the special Greens levels, etc. I suspect this is in part to simplify and streamline the handling and packaging of all the different pledge levels, and quite simply reduce the load that the shipping department, and project manager must bear as they literally had to deal with millions of miniatures in a very short period of time with the first project. Also of note, the lack of a dedicated Sophie model at this time, though there may be reveals at a later date.

Now, you may think that the special pledges are where it's at, but frankly those were always limited and usually only the campers manage to get them, so unless that's you, your opportunity for getting such special pledge levels would have already been gone at this point in time, and clearly that has not hindered the success of this project, especially considering all the extras that have already been unlocked and bonuses that are being added to the core set.

So hop on over to the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter and check it all out. And if you've never seen the first Bones Kickstarter, check it out at the link below and see the vast coolness that was produced and is now available to purchase at your Friendly Local Game Store, or Reaper's Online Store.

Reaper Bones II Kickstarter
Reaper Bones Kickstarter
Reaper Online Store

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