Monday, December 29, 2014

Freebootaz Toys For Tots Charity Auction - 2014 "Tau Empire"

The next Freebootaz Toys for Tots Charity Auction is live!

This time for a lovely Tau Empire army!  Toys for Tots Tau Empire Auction

With plenty of Crisis Suits, a Broadside and a Riptide, this will easily suit the Farsight theme.

Take pride of this beautiful centrepiece model, a Riptide which features lighting effects, and a custom cut hex shield that lights up to simulate the models shield!

Stealth Suits will help prevent infiltrators from getting too close to your zone, with strategic placement.

Firewarriors will keep opposing forces at bay with their long range rifles.

So that the Crisis Suits can respond with pinpoint accuracy to immediate threats!

Kroot, can help secure flanks and are a boon on forested boards.

A Devilfish will help transport the Firewarriors for fast redeployment if the lines shift.

And a Tau Fighter for aerial superiority, to control the skies when there are no enemy fliers, and rain down pinpoint fire on ground targets, or to intercept opposing fliers to protect the Tau assets.

And of course, lots of drones, for shielding, marker lights, and support fire!

This lovely army would make an excellent starting point for a new Tau player, or be an excellent way to expand an already existing army!

Check it out now for your chance to bid and support this worth while charity!

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