Friday, March 23, 2012

Forgeworld New Release: 2012 40K Show Only Models

Forgeworld has been busy today. They have created a tradition of new Forge World event only models, having something new and fresh every year. Some are very highly regarded and desired. I predict this years will be one such.

Today was kind of funny. I was talking with my friends about creating a certain special character, which represented a specific type of Recruitment Training Officer. A few ideas were bounced and one suggestion was that he have a Space Wolf as a companion, which then morphed into the suggestion of a cyber mastiff, inspired by the old Inquisitor Enforcer Model and Necromunda Arbites unit with cyber mastiffs...

Then Lo and Behold what arrived in my inbox only a short while after making that suggestion. The Imperial Enforcer with Cyber-Mastiff.

Enforcer with Cyber-Mastiff

Needless to say I will finish working on that special character for my friend and acquire this model to represent him. I hope he likes it.

And not to leave Fantasy out, Forge World has also released pictures of the new Fantasy Show Only model. This is a Skin Wolf, Games Workshop's equivalent to a werewolf, grasping the corpse of what looks like an Empire Militiaman or citizen.

Skin Wolf in Altdorf - Aaarrrrrroooooooooooo!!!!

I really do love the new Skin Wolf models. It's about time GW has put out a decent set of lycanthropes, and the new Show Only model has a lot of conversion promise, just like the unit that was announced not too long ago.

Of all of them, I think this one is my favourite and I think would make an excellent Bran Redmaw in Wulfen would any of the others.

Games Workshop
Forge World

*Legal* Forgeworld Enforcer and Cyber-Mastiff image owned by Forgeworld and used without permission for the distribution of hobby news. No challenge is intended.

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