Friday, March 23, 2012

Forgeworld New Release: Space Marine Rapier Laser Destroyer

Forgeworld continues its trend of delivering heresy era pattern Space Marines, armour and equipment.

Here's another great new release from Forgeworld.

It's the Space Marine Rapier Laser Destroyer.

Rapier with crew.

Along with the exquisitely detailed rolling quad lascannons, this model features two new space marines in heresy era armour.

Though they are very nice artillery crew, these models are so detailed that they will be excellent candidates for various different uses, and could easily fit into other marine squads, or on a marine vehicle. They would make excellent tech marines, or other honour guard, and the detail and embellishments on these marines would even make them great candidates as characters with artificer armour, or models such as honour guard.

With this ongoing trend of crusade and heresy releaeses, many people are suggesting that this is leading up to a big Heresy Era Imperial Armour book, or series. Which leads us to ask the next logical question if they are planning that, will we be seeing official models of all of the Primarchs? This seems like a massively daunting task, especially considering how many of the Imperial Armour characters have yet to be released from current Imperial Armour books, like the Doom of Mymeara, or the Badab Wars (though they seem to be filling those gaps a bit this week).

Tell us, what do you think will happen? What do you hope to see next from Forge World's Imperial Armour series? What models do you think Forgeworld should work on next? Are there gaps in the range of armies that you want to see filled, or should ForgeWorld move into other directions, like new terrain pieces?

What about improvement. Is there anything you think Forgeworld can do to improve their quality of product, or their customer service? Let us know below, but please keep it civil.

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