Saturday, March 24, 2012

Warlord Games' Ruined Hamlet Plastic Terrain Set

"To be, or not to be..." That is the great question spoken by the Hamlet of William Shakespeare.

Well, Warlord answers that question with their new Bolt Action plastic Ruined Hamlet.

This exquisite 28mm scaled European village style terrain is, in their words "based on a ruined farmhouse [and] is extremely versatile in that it can be built in several ways and is also ideal for use in many periods - from Napoleonics to WWII."

Allied Forces secure this farmhouse as they advance.

I would hasten to add that it will also be an extremely valuable piece of terrain for all of those Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder or similiar Fantasy Roleplayers, or Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Mordheim, and Lord of the Rings players looking for some decent stone house ruins to scatter on the board as centerpieces for their terrain, or as a setting for adventures in ruined lands.

At only £35.00 you get three complete ruined stone farmhouse buildings. But just because they are called farm houses shouldn't limit how you use them, or their modelling potential. They are, after all, extremely versatile looking kits. All of the walls are straight pieces, with stone corners that they are attached to. This means you can design a whole bunch of different style of ruined buildings before you actually end up seeing any form of repetition.

Fully modular, extremely flexible!

I suspect they will be popular and fly off the shelves quickly, so don't waste time if you have any interest in these!

Warlord Games
Ruined Hamlet

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