Monday, March 12, 2012

Forgeworld New Release: Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine

Today the new Forgeworld newsletter arrived, and in it was quite a cool looking new big model for the forces of Chaos.

The Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine.

Now, the trial rules that are out there do not really suggest it, but could this be another model that harks to the past glory days of Epic. Could this be a precursor to Forgeworld entering the realm of Knight Titans, which were popularized during the height of Epic, and Adeptus Titanicus, and used by noble houses of the Imperium as part of their PDF?

After all, this looks remarkably like a chaos version of a Paladin class Knight Titan, shown in the middle of the page.

Here are more, that were made in plastic as one of the plastic expansion sets, which look even more like the Decimator Daemon Engine.

And finally, a picture of the unreleased Epicast version of the 40K scaled Palladin Knight Titan. All of which bear a striking resemblance!

Are we going to see even more of this scale of Titan for 40K and Apocalypse? It would make sense, as it brings Titans to a price range that might be more affordable for the average player. It also nicely competes with Fantasy Flights new Warmachine Colossals, which I firmly believe were originally inspired by these when the very first mention of Colossals appeared in the Warmachine background. Is it possible that Forgeworld recognises there is now a developed niche for this scale of model, even if it's being used in a different game system?

Is this a natural step forward from the Ork Mega Dread? And just another step in a progression of steps that will see even more of these mid sized walkers on the Apocalypse table?

There is definitely market synergy for selling a model like this now, and hopefully this synergy can be captured and used to develop more Knight Titans for all the races out there!

Games Workshop

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