Sunday, June 01, 2014

Minotaurs Space Marines Part 2: Painting Bullsh.... Ehrm... Adventures in Painting Liquid Gold

Well, in my first post, talking about my new Minotaurs Space Marine army, I mentioned that I was going to try using the Vallejo Liquid Gold for this project because I've heard many awesome things about the quality of the finish...

I also heard many horror stories... but thought how bad could it actually be? I won't have any issues with this. I've got the right stuff, and the experience...

How could I be so wrong?

Initial paint trials utterly failed. I had a paint catastrophe and just could't get the Liquid Gold to work right. It clumped in the palette, would not mix properly with the alcohol I used to thin it, didn't ahere properly, or coat properly, and just made the miniature look like crap...

Here's a picture of a pile of Bullsh... Thankfully it's only a test miniature.

To say I was annoyed is putting it mildly. This issue alone set me back about a month as I tried to figure the paint out.

I considered switching to the Alclad line, but they depend on being sprayed on a glossy primer coat, and an almost flawless one at that. Plus, hard to get in short order, and time was already ticking.

I'm also considering the new Minitaire line, but ultimately, if I have to, may end up switching to a tried, tested, and true brush on gold the likes of Vallejo or Citadel.

But I do like this colour, and would be happy if I could just fix the terrible finish.

So, after consulting with friends who've used this paint quite successfully, and seeing some videos on YouTube, I have had a serious rethink...

I thought I might be dealing with a purity issue with the alcohol I was using to thin it. It was old, and might have had additional moisture accumulate over time.  I then tried using Tamiya thinner, which I had on hand, and it's somewhat better... though not as good as results I've seen online... So I picked up some 99% isopropanol and made another attempt...

Much better!

Alclad II Lacquers
Minitaire Paints
Games Workshop
Vallejo Paints

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