Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Minotaurs Space Marines Part 5: Pile it On!

Apparently I'm a sucker for punishment, and seem to thrive under pressure...either that or I'm an idiot, but I always seem to end up blitz painting my armies, usually with a very short amount of time before I plan to unveil why should this be any exception?

I've pretty much realised that now is the crunch time. I would prefer to finish this army in time for the big day, and avoid Plan B, which will also involve some additional work, so I've built a stack of stuff that I have to build to visualize the work ahead.

Here's what I've yet to do.

1 x Chapter Master Asterion Moloc
1 x Stormraven
2 x Razorback/Rhino
1 x Command Squad made from the Sternguard squad
1 x Tactical Squad made from all the stuff in the bits bin, which I'd clipped and sorted from last month's pile
Plus loads of forgeworld bits on the top of the pile.

This army is actually going to be quite compact.

Hopefully I'll be able to get it finished on time for Astronomi-Con Toronto, on the last weekend of July.

Here's a picture showing the pile of what I have to build. Wow. I actually just put a dent in my wall of product!

I haven't decided the order of the build, or painting, but I'll probably blitz build it all first, then get painting. Like I said. I hope I can get these done on time. But in case I don't, as mentioned above, I do have a Plan B!

Wish me luck.

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