Sunday, June 01, 2014

Minotaurs Space Marines Part 3: Enkomi Incoming!

Having lost a lot of time testing and playing with the Vallejo Liquid Gold, March was quickly coming, and to stay on target I had to stop that nonsense to get a move on Enkomi, who was still only in bits and pieces at the end of February.

To better paint Enkomi, I left the model unassembled, though I did spend an hour cleaning up flash, and mould lines, and making repairs.

Here you can see I finished priming, base coating, and a first highlight.

Next came additional highlighting and shading, and picking out the detail.


That day turned into a cluster F***

No sooner had I finished that portion of Enkomi.... then immediately lost his head. It took an hour to find, and when I was trying to take photos, he just wouldn't stay together. This, followed by a complete horde of computer problems and other technical issues made for a very frustrating day.

Oh. Did I mention he fell apart? Here's a picture of his wrist separating...and the bent spine on his Crozius from falling apart and falling to the floor. He's nearly complete, though I have plans to do more highlighting, and now repair the chips.

As I still hadn't decided on how I would be basing this army when I was working on him, I didn't do anything with the base yet. More on that later.

Painting shouldn't be this stressful...

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